Federal data identifies how long you can expect to live, all based on where you live

How Long Do You Have to Live?. can help you estimate your life expectancy, based on answers to questions about your habits and family history. The good thing about both of these sites is that.

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If you examine the top row you will see that a child born today should expect to live an average lifespan of 91 for a boy, or 93 for a girl. That is the average, meaning half the children born today should expect to live longer.

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AUG. 29, 2019. The Los Angeles Times reports on a housing cost tool developed for the paper. The Times operates a calculator that enables the user to identify where they can afford to live based on their income relative to local housing cost.

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Federal data identifies how long you can expect to live, all based on where you live While the average life expectancy in the United States is 78, in North Carolina it’s 77 and in South Carolina.